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Inclusion School Podcast

Jan 31, 2021

If you’re joining us for the first time, we provide tools and resources for parents, educators and caregivers wanting help with tackling tough conversations with their children. The show is hosted by Inclusion Strategists, Simone E. Morris and Julie Kratz.

In this week’s episode of the Inclusion School Podcast, Julie and Simone sit down with Hermence Matsosa. She is CEO of uBuntuSpeaks, LLC a DEI and global health workforce development consulting firm dedicated to building the capacities and competencies of career professionals. Hermence shares how she cultivates her daughters love for science. 

Hermence shared some behind the scenes resources for parents seeking to have conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

  • Dictionary For A Better World Poems, quotes, and anecdotes from A to Z by Irene Latham & Charles Waters
  • The Color of Us- Karen Katz
  • I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont and David Gatrow
  • Skin Like Mine by Latisha M. Perry
  • I am Enough by Grace Byers
  • We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins
  • What I Like About Me by Allia Zobel Nolan

Find more resources on the Inclusion School Website.

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