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Inclusion School Podcast

Apr 14, 2024

Julie & Simone are excited to welcome Micaela Benn, an inspiring children's book author and founder of a company dedicated to coaching and marketing support for picture books promoting early literacy through culturally diverse stories. 

Micaela shares her journey behind her book "Little Mister Fix-It" and how it captures the essence of a positive family environment. Together they dive into an enlightening conversation with Micaela about inclusivity in children's books, the richness of educational diversity, and the possibilities that open up when we nurture our children's inherent curiosity and willingness to engage with the world around them. 

Listen to the full discussion for a thought-provoking episode that challenges us to reflect on inclusion, representation, and the power of positive thinking in shaping young minds.

Connect with Micaela on Instagram @micaelasbenn or on her podcast, The Children's Book Marketing Podcast.

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