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Inclusion School Podcast

Mar 5, 2023

Julie and Simone are delighted to welcome the Associate Director, Behavior Change & Expertise at, Dr. Andrew Kahn, to the Inclusion School Podcast.  Dr. Kahn is a licensed psychologist specializing in working with individuals who think and learn differently. In his role at, Dr. Kahn focuses on ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, general learning and behavioral challenges, and learning and social-emotional functioning.  He shares his personal story of growing up with ADHD and experiencing a disconnect with his education. Dr. Kahn discusses tools for parents to utilize for conversations with their neurodiverse children and to help them understand their child in the context of the real world. 

You can connect with Dr. Kahn at, a non-profit organization that provides resources and support so that people who learn and think differently can thrive.

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